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Amanda Smith

Amanda Smith

Amanda is originally from the UK, from a small picturesque village on the River Thames known as Goring-on-Thames, sixty miles outside of London - the famous ‘gap’ in the Chilterns, dating back to the Doomsday Book.


Amanda now lives in Pegasus but also keeps up her indulges in a spare moment, her favourite pass-time, her horses; affectionately known as her “paddock children.”


Community involvement is another part of Amanda’s character and you will see her sharing her knowledge, using her array of skills and qualifications which she acquired from the British Horse and British Driving Society, with keen riders as and when she can, especially at the local North Canterbury Riding for the Disabled through to the Lions at Pegasus as The Pegasus Chair, fund raising for the local community.


A 30 acre subdivision, which Amanda completed, has added another facet to her knowledge of real estate and coupled with her experience as a landlord in the UK, she has both the knowledge and expertise to help clients no matter what their needs, from developers to investors to ‘lifestylers’ to residential clients, buying or selling.


With a focus on delivering high quality to her clients, Amanda is also highly motivated to give you her utmost service delivered with a friendly fun-loving, professional attitude, and looks forward to helping people to achieve their own desires and aspirations.


“A clients for life policy”, says Amanda, who prides herself on following a job through from start to finish, ensuring in no matter what she is doing that the best possible results are achieved, something that is sure to hold her in good stead throughout her real estate career.


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Amanda Smith

Licensed Sales Consultant - Residential Rural Lifestyle

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