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Home Staging & Style

About Emma & Catherine

Centrestage is a fast growing popular home staging business in the Christchurch region, run by myself Emma and my mother Cathryn.


I am the head stylist, with a background in interior design, and prior to this spent some years in the real estate industry. Having this experience helps with general real estate and market knowledge and an interest in finding your target market.


I love colour and different textures to create a warm and enjoyable environment for people. Cathryn is equally creative and we work well bouncing ideas off each other. Cathryn also has years in real estate and a good understanding of the market. Cathryn spends her spare time painting, which is ideal when we need some art work done for a tight deadline!


To find out more visit: http://www.centrestage.nz/ or contact Emma Twiss 027 450 0866.