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Systems & Technology



Cutting-edge technology can propel your business to new heights and strong paths of communication are necessary for any professional. With the HarcourtsOne product suite, we give you the tools to provide the highest level of customer service, work more efficiently, and sell more real estate in today’s competitive market.


HarcourtsOne is our online platform and the vehicle that enables Harcourts to run a successful real estate business.

The core systems include:

  • Contact and database management system
  • Sales and property management listing system
  • Task management system
  • Email marketing system
  • Online marketing portal
  • Performance reporting and tracking system
  • Resource library

Office and personal websites

Harcourts offers both office and sales consultant websites to enhance your online presence. Our websites automatically integrate your property listings from HarcourtsOne, are fully customisable and search engine optimised.

With the increase in customers accessing the internet from mobile devices, these website have been designed with the latest responsive technology. Sponsorship advertising space, lead generation and social media integration make them effective and easy to set up and use.

Mobile applications

Your mobile office – contact and task management app
This is a contact, task and listing management app that has been specifically designed for android, iPhone and iPad. It allows you to add a new contact to your client database or access an existing contact, record activity and notes, and search for properties while with a client out in the field. It also allows you to sign in an open home visitor directly on the iPad. It syncs directly with the HarcourtsOne platform and is accessible every hour of the day and night.

Perfecting your listing presentation
This application allows you to conduct professional listing presentations on your iPad with high quality presentation slides and video. It gives real time access to all comparable properties and sold data in the client’s region. It enables our team to customise a seller’s marketing plan activity calendar and advertising methods, and then calculate the total marketing schedule cost. The finalised marketing campaign is signed off by the seller and the sales consultant can then immediately email a copy to the office, themselves and the seller.

Client Login

Our promise, on demand.

Our clients are now, more than ever, expecting more information from us and they expect it instantly. At Harcourts we are able to provide our clients with exactly that, every detail of their property and transactions available 24/7 online.

Using www.harcourts.co.nz, the client login allows our clients to have access to all relevant information regarding the property they are selling, buying or leasing.

It provides our clients with:

  • Access to all reports and documents
  • Reminder alerts
  • Notifications of new documents
  • Ability to view Harcourts website hits
  • Each property has a unique login
  • Ability to manage any buyer searches