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About Harcourts New Zealand

Harcourts’ Purpose 

We Create Success. 

Whether the person is a client, a business owner operating a Harcourts franchise or a receptionist, the Harcourts organisation is committed to assisting and ensuring that that person achieves their goals, whatever they may be. 

Harcourts’ Philosophy 

Harcourts' internal mission statement is: 'To create clients for life through the finest service'. 

This mission is Harcourts’ heart and soul, and is fundamental to the positive attitude and success of our people. 

Trust, honesty and integrity are the company's personal hallmarks. Add to these an intimate knowledge of the local market and current property trends, a solid work ethic, plus well-developed negotiation skills and you have the perfect recipe for success. 

The Harcourts Brand 

The Harcourts brand stands for dependability, quality, and professionalism. The Harcourts name has become synonymous with the exceptional service and commitment provided to our clients. 

Harcourts has over 830 offices in New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, China, Hong Kong, South Africa, Indonesia, Canada, United Arab Emirates and the United States of America. In total, Harcourts has over 6,300 Sales Consultants throughout 10 countries worldwide. 

Harcourts offers a full range of Real Estate services. We specialise in Residential, Commercial, and Rural Property sales as well as Property Management services. 

Harcourts sells more than 1 in every 5 homes in New Zealand. It has been consistently recognised as New Zealand's most preferred real estate group. Harcourts properties receive a weekly average of more than 4.2 million views online. 

Harcourts History 

JB Harcourt was a visionary; a man who redefined the real estate industry and created a part of New Zealand history. In 1879 JB Harcourt purchased a soft goods business in Wellington and renamed it 'Harcourt & Co.' The company flourished with the introduction of "The Register and Property Investors Guide", the forerunner of today's “Harcourts Bluebook”, circulating an impressive 4,000 copies throughout Wellington on the last Saturday of each month. 

Harcourt & Co. continued to be a proud Wellington company until 1980 when it expanded into Auckland. In 1985 Collins Real Estate, merged with Harcourt & Co. to create Harcourts Real Estate Ltd. The new company quickly became a major real estate force in Christchurch. In 1988, while celebrating 100 years in business, Harcourts' presence across New Zealand grew immeasurably with the introduction of the current franchise model and Harcourts becoming a publicly listed company. 

In 1997 Harcourts expanded into Australia, while in 1999, Harcourts has expanded even further to Fiji, China, Hong Kong, South Africa, Indonesia and the United States. In 2003, Harcourts was accepted as a member of the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World network. 

In 2002 Harcourts launched The Academy, a training academy providing courses for sales, management and administration to ensure that the Harcourts team received the best possible real estate training. The Harcourts Academy gained RTO (Registered Training Organisation) status allowing industry licensing to all Harcourts people attending its programmes. 

In 2008 Harcourts launched its own community charity – The Harcourts Foundation. The Foundation is at the heart of our core values - people first, doing the right thing, being courageous, with fun and laughter. The Harcourts Foundation has raised in excess of $2.9 million with 100% of funds going directly back into our communities. 

In 2010, Harcourts joined with NAI Global, the fourth largest commercial real estate services group in the world to create NAI Harcourts. 

The Four Harcourts Values 

Our values provide the foundation for our success. Our values are entrenched in how our Group operates - in the daily decisions we make and the actions we take. 

#1. People First
We understand that our success is all about people - our team and our clients. 

#2. Doing the Right Thing
Our focus is always to make the right decision, and to always do the right thing. 

#3. Being Courageous
Every day we must as an organisation and as individuals, act with courage. 

#4. Fun and Laughter
Having fun and laughter along the way, as well as ensuring the people around us do also, ensures that we create a life worth living.